Human stomach parasites symptoms and treatment

Parasitic helminth group named, probably because they are in the life of any tissue in humans. However, the most common wolf, living, mouth and stomach. Living here is very different worms. Human parasites are the cause of the occupation, talented alive in an acidic environment in the stomach. Stomach parasites to develop, a person secretly, I mean isn't a person, understandably, appeared to have her unpleasant, and the "tenant".

stomach parasites

Worm infestation effectively the feature of parasitism. The remains of a Kurdish person's stomach, it's not forever: they may be functions of the stomach blood and "travel" the living body, lungs and even the heart. The functions of digestion in the stomach cavity of the worms, abuse, why, concomitant pathologies.

Secret home for worms to live and becomes a way of life, some vital activities a person debt disorder symptoms, stomach. The term helminth parasites symptoms of stomach defeat in their places depends on the type of localization.

The parasite symptoms in humans stomach

Forever clogged the phrases: "wash your hands and face", "don't eat unwashed fruits and vegetables", not only a careless boy not aware of the importance of the violation, this action at the same time, many adults neglect is related to just that subject. So, settle the stomach capable of the parasites rapidly multiply, all placements for a living. Them sometimes in large numbers, usually go along with them vomit. This is already acceptable stage heavy infections, intestinal worms, treat you want immediately, give up harmful habits and cleaning up your act.

Then walks the street gotta wash your hands to familiarize yourself laundry detergent. Yeah, not economic, and real liquid perfume, cosmetics or fashion consisting of a laundry detergent, which put the components in, killing eggs or larvae, Archlord, maybe along the skin on the announcement day.

You can add to you wash it off and wash your hands thoroughly parasites, stomach worms symptoms, this silent and will show longer human and it's a nice environment for them will develop. Dirty fruits and vegetables with "bed" grandma, insufficient heat-treated products home make income in saucepan sources of contamination.

The life of parasites in the environment in extremely low gastric acid. The intestine of different worms that you feel comfortable, where the air, which makes them comfortable, and good nutrition. The penetration of the worms into the intestine from the departments stomach, only the stomach is recorded continuously, acidity low. Active reproductive worms in the stomach cavity, why is the accumulation of your own group, i.e., roundworm living colonies.

The most common laboratory technicians meets the abdomen, "the settlers:

  • pinworms;
  • hookworm;
  • giardia;
  • trichinella;
  • Ascaris.

One of a kind, a man captured a photo of the worms in the stomach into account, they actually are similar to each other, but see significant differences in the manner human organs and the structure and mounting on the walls.

Why is it important Pinworms dysfunction, bowel. Also, deterioration of human health caused by the Galatasaray attack in the form:

  • beriberi;
  • anemia;
  • metabolic process disorders;
  • a hormonal disruption;
  • oncology reduce protection.

Stomach worms are not digested under the influence of digestive juices and enzymes. Their eggs and larvae hatches thick shell securely protects their digestive system human. However, a lot of active and multiplying, kurt silently penetrate abdominal organs stomach, intestines, coma general intoxication why a person's strolling around neighboring.

Disease-related there's a worm

Stomach helminth, causes an invasive species. The place attracts people pinworms desserts, but the evening bothering anus, severe itching, irritability rises, why is hell's Angels.

Why askariazis roundworm. That manifest symptoms similar to long-term BEE. A wet cough bothering people for a long time greatly reduced the desire to disappear weight.

Trichinosis Trichinella why. He himself is long for no reason, headaches, edema, the man dies, temperature fluctuations.

Giardia causes giardiasis. Self-nervousness, irritability, appetite, autumn, long healing of cleft lip and not the corners.

Strongyloides that causes acne. He is cutting himself for a long time, the pharmaceutical cough, wheezing, of breath, blood in the sputum to a branch. A small rash that covers the human body, a similar hive.

Symptoms of worm infestation

A person infected with a parasite, this difference in her appearance, even in the absence of a clear symptom. Sick people lose weight to significant weight. Their appetite to play with them: if lost for a long period of time, then a meal with an uncontrollable thirst yourself. View pain as a person loses weight, the visible bruises under the eye, the stakes skin, red eyes.

Feel general weakness at this stage the infection symptoms of intestinal worms:

  • irritability, restlessness;
  • sleep disorders;
  • the gnashing of teeth, day or night, every time a person more serious and busy ", but I digress, comfortable";
  • allergic rash on the face and body, especially the neck and shoulder region;
  • a powerful Hair Loss Treatment Hair.

The symptoms in general, not only the stomach but also other internal human organs the invasion in the middle, at a late stage of infection in the worms. Foreign people smell a disgusting attention already in the mouth, regardless if a man what I enjoy the pasta. The monthly cycle of fracture in women, causes hormonal disorders begins to search for them. Weakens potency in men, acute prostatitis, they are also the reason they're looking for on a background hormonal.

Basic symptoms:

  • the anus itching;
  • constipation, diarrhea is an unexpected alternative;
  • emergence, the smell of putrid urine.

An infected person easily gets tired, for no apparent reason from him it appears, that fever and severe headache. Invasion-prone people with lowered immune intestinal disorder for a fraction of a fermentation, but unexpectedly, accidentally and in a completely healthy person can be infected.

The next stage in the invasion, especially in children, visible of abdominal pain similar pain disorders, stomach and appendicitis. Moves depending on belly rumbles in the stomach. If not in the acute phase, recognizing signs of treatment for worm infestation has begun, the person begins, the uncomfortable joint pain, Mar pain, brittle nails.

For the acute phase is coming chronic. This period appears in serious health complications, your body will grow Papillon benign, malignant neoplasm of developing. The reason for this immune disorders. Help Kurt fast growth growth.

Diagnostic and therapeutic measures

The first and most significant examination and a Pap lab stool anus. The doctor determines symptoms and treatment do you have them already helminth larvae, the digestive system organs. Significantly reduced rates of blood tests for hemoglobin, at the same time, value-added content, eosinophils, helminth verifies that what is in the body.

Enzyme immunoassay analysis of modern diagnostic centers, vulnerability early stage of disease, the dynamics of trace elements. This analysis is quite simple and useful, giving you get a correct reading. The cost of diagnosis is not expensive, but according to a survey helminth treatment. In this case, the result is always successful treatment.

Not to start treatment immediately after diagnosis to explain the parasite to bring in serious results. Drugs for the treatment of gastrointestinal infestations of modern pharmacology many drugs, different helminth designed, reception, children and adults. However, self-medication is not recommended for first pass. Universal Medicine, have all kinds of intestinal worms.

Early treatment is considered once by a doctor that is assigned to the invasion. This is enough to get the body to get rid of protozoan parasites. The long-term invasion, the doctor chooses treatment a complex and wide spread intestinal worms in the body by using a very few effective drugs. Even in a period Gulistan complex attack, and some pathogenic types, different organs, they exposed themselves modern medicines are the result of any of Archlord, the body of a human.

Different drugs have different effects on the helminth group.

Folk therapy

The gain is applied as a folk treatment techniques, the main drug treatment. Identified them with the other worms, in some tests. People use it to treat plants, eat often, but many people don't realize them, remedial action. Taste is what brings them together is an important feature – a painful all helminth harmful effect.

The most common recipes:

  1. Blend, linen and clove. Preparation: 100 g of dry flax seed, seed a mixture of 10 g of cloves, grind it into a powder. 25 day 3 Day 3 day r 5 g powder buy. Common course – months.
  2. Powdered ginger water. Cooking method: grind the dry ginger powder, mix 50 g powder with 1 teaspoon of water. In the morning on an empty stomach. A good car against Ascaris and Giardia. Application options helminth ginger – pickles, fresh in the form of alcohol tincture. Ginger Brew scented tea along with other herbs. Job disperses the ginger in any form.
  3. Garlic expels all worms living space in the stomach. Long and widely known protection tool of many helminth larvae. Medicine ingredients for cooking: 2 cloves of garlic, 1 lemon, 2 tsp honey, 1 L of boiled water. Preparation: chop the garlic, chop the lemon, mix all ingredients. Infusion is not required, the intake mixture immediately: P 3-4 a day, 3 days, spaced 4-5 days. Allowable long-term use of a mixture that has the effect of preventing.
  4. Enema with cleansing salt and baking powder. Path solution: 1 liter water 15 grams of salt calculation salt solution to cook, warmth, a warm situation, so far solved all the salt, then add 15 g of baking powder and put enema. Preferably as long as possible to keep the liquid at least half an hour; to put an enema with a small break once again. Mucous clot lots of images when a procedure is done properly.

Infection prevention intestinal worms


Follow the normal rules when a warning is clear that infection health. No apartment need cleaning constantly; administrative correctly meat and fish eat them; well washed fresh vegetables, fruits, fruit, rinse with boiling water just to drink boiled water.

Homeless cats and dogs for a walk not to play wash your hands with laundry detergent after walking. You have to register, you must put the pet veterinary to spend 2 times a year against preventing them.

The forest should include campaigns you have to carefully to the skin blood-sucking insects bite through helminth moved. Physical examination to be done regularly, take tests. These rules are not hard to perform, and everyone concerned about their health.